The Plan

Marley has been back home for nearly two weeks, and overall he has settled very well.

For the first week we focused on just getting adjusted to being at a busy barn again. Marley is funny – for a TB, he’s very chill and, particularly when he’s in work, can be almost lazy. He is, however, definitely prone to anxiety and if he’s at all “up” can be a bit spooky.

I’m working with a trainer at our barn to help ensure that Marley gets plenty of time out of his stall and paddock even though he’s not in what I would term full work.

I’ve now ridden Marley twice since bringing him back to the barn, and so far so good. I’ve been careful to ride only when the arena is relatively quiet, both so pony man is not inspired to start cantering by some horse jumping a line next to him and so that we can stick to the long sides of the arena without having to make abrupt turns. Most importantly, Marley seems bright-eyed and healthy and he’s moving well.


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