What is “Winter”?

Shit is getting real.

I’ve been basking in the glory of an East Coast fall, delighting in those crisp mornings while simultaneously enjoying the golden, sun-filled afternoons. I’ve also been conveniently ignoring the fact that (a) Winter is Coming and (b) I am woefully unprepared.

Fall is lovely and pumpkin spice etc. etc. but I have a lesson tomorrow morning quite early, and the forecast is a sobering 37 degrees.


I have spent the evening cataloguing my Winter Riding Gear and it is, shall we say, somewhat lacking. Some serious work needs to be done in order to not freeze my tail off this winter.

Current wishlist items include:

A jacket! I literally do not even own a proper jacket.

Down! Puffy! What more could you want?


Because it’s important to not lose your fingers to frostbite

Cozy Boots!

LOL with my 45 pennies left over after shipping my horse across the country I will buy these lovelies.

What am I forgetting? Bring it, winter. THERE IS MORE SHOPPING TO BE DONE.


This guy!


I miss this stupid animal so much.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to find a barn near-ish to NYC that is full of wonderful, supportive people and very tolerant horses. I can’t say that I’m in top riding form, but I’ve had a handful of lessons and am confident that I can at least remain relatively balanced while on a horse. You could say I’m getting my horse fix, except… no Marley.

I know there are a zillion horses in the world, but I miss this guy. Maybe it’s time he experienced snow.

Not a Barn

img_7592 We’ve been residents of NYC again for just over two weeks. It’s been an adjustment, but at least our neighborhood is wonderful – a nice combination of the bustle and diversity that makes me love this city plus some quiet that can be difficult to find in New York.

In the midst of the move, I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit horses into this new and decidedly urban life. I can’t say I’ve nailed it yet, but I’ve at least managed to do a lot of research and planning about what I’ve come to think of as “barn logistics” – and even squeezed in a few lessons at a barn in New Jersey. Trying to focus on that as progress vs. feeling totally overwhelmed about how different this new life is going to be.