Marley is “home” from camp!


After several months of a lot of rest, gradually increasing access to turnout, and a few vet visits, it seemed clear that Marley was ready to do more. His leg was looking perfect and and he was sound.

The barn Marley had been staying at was set up perfectly for turnout and light work, but not equipped for longer work sessions and/or real training. I needed to decide whether to bring him closer to SF so I could start gradually upping his workload, or explore sending him to a training facility elsewhere.

After a lot of research and back-and-forth, I made the decision to bring Marley back to our old barn a few weeks ago. I have him on a waiting list for a shed + paddock, but it will likely take some time for that to become available. In the meantime, he has a stall at night and a private turnout during the day. The barn manager has been wonderful and has was able to give him access to a small and almost perfectly flat paddock – it’s not huge, but it’s definitely big enough for him to stretch his legs in (and not so big that he can really work up a head of steam, even if he does try to bounce around). He was definitely tense and anxious the first few days, but he’s started to settle and selfishly I’m so glad to have him closer to home.

More soon about our adventures and the plan moving forward!

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