Progress Check

Somehow it’s early April and we’re a full quarter of the way through 2017. Yipes! I alternately feel as though I lived in California just yesterday and like we have been back in NYC for years.  Beginning of the year was a little rough in the horse department (see previous post) but I’ve been getting into a nice rhythm the past several weeks and am excited about the rest of the year.

Lesson 1x / Week

So-so. Per above, I hit something of a rough patch early in the year with bad weather and travel that made the weekends tight. I’ve been back in a groove for several weeks, though, and am optimistic that as the days get longer and warmer I’ll be able to fit in more saddle time.

Ride anything and everything

Going to give myself a check here. Even when it hasn’t been possible for me to lesson, I’ve prioritized getting to the barn (travel schedule permitting) and hacking out whatever horse is available.

Participate in at least one event or schooling show

Not yet, but there’s still time!

Move them hips!


MEH. I hate stretching and working on mobility. I have tried to make it more of a priority but I can’t say there have been measurable gains.

Maximize out-of-saddle fitness

200w_d (1).gif

Check, check, check. I have gone off the deep end and started doing CrossFit 4 or 5 times per week. I’ve dipped my toe into the CrossFit waters a few times, but always ended up over-extending and injuring myself. This time I’ve been very focused on mobility and core strength, and the results have been pretty awesome. I am far stronger than I was at the beginning of 2017, and I’ve managed to keep my competitiveness in check and not get injured. Calling that a win.