I discovered CANTER after moving to California in 2013. I had nearly 15 years of pent-up horse craziness that needed an outlet, and started looking for ways to become involved with the equestrian community again. Having owned and ridden several OTTBs as a young adult, I gravitated immediately toward CANTER’s mission of helping transition retiring racehorses to new careers and responsible, loving homes.

I began volunteering in 2014, accidentally fell in love with and adopted CANTER CA graduate CTR ThreeLittleBirds in 2015, and joined the board in early 2016.  I’m thrilled to work with an amazing group of volunteers and have the opportunity to continue expanding CANTER’s presence in California and across the US. Even after reloacting to New York in the fall of 2016, I’ve continued my involvement with CANTER via the magic of the internet.

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