NaBloPoMo 2017 – All the prizes!

PSA: In an effort to stay current, I’m skipping ahead to the “correct” day of this blogging challenge, and then as time allows will go back and address the prompts from previous days. Day 07 asks…

“What was your favorite ribbon you won at a show and why?”

I haven’t showed extensively since descending back into horse ownership a few years ago; in part this is due to time and budget constraints, but it’s also indicative of where my focus is right now. I spent a lot of time and energy as a teenager and young adult competing, but at this point in my life the most important thing for me is really to continue evolving into a better rider and make my horse the best partner he can be.

There are many eventing and Pony Club rally ribbons I could detail, but my favorite ever was probably for winning the state championship in drill team as a teenager. I honestly don’t remember what the ribbon itself looked like, but the experience of participating in drill team was pretty formative. The level of teamwork that was required of a group of opinionated teenage girls and their even more opinionated horses was insane, and the process was not without drama. That said, we competed throughout the year, practiced long hours, pushed each other, and eventually got to a point where I do believe we achieved something special.

I think my mom probably has a VHS recording of our performance somewhere… maybe I’ll try to rustle it up when I’m Upstate for the holidays! Good laugh for all, no doubt.

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