Back on the, uh, horse.

Happy New Year! It’s been a busy and eventful couple of months. I’m hoping to update this space much more regularly now that we’re through the holidays and settling into a NYC-based routine.

I haven’t been able to ride quite as much as I’d like but I’ve made progress toward building a little bit of a life on the East Coast, which at this point is probably more important. I’m also feeling optimistic about the plan for 2017 in terms of maintaining involvement with the horse world in a way that is manageable.

Yesterday I had a lesson with my new trainer on a horse named Moo. He’s very appropriately named:


I’ve ridden this guy maybe 4 or 5 times now and while he is really different from anything I’ve sat on in the past few years, I kind of love him. He’s getting up there in years, is a little creaky, tends to hang on the bit, and doesn’t let you get away with much – but he is sweet and honest and has a lot of spunk. And spots! How can you not love the spots?

More soon!

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