Movin’ On Out

Part of the reason I’ve been so silent here is that I’ve been insanely busy… but the bigger reason is that I’ve been struggling to find the right words.

I’m moving back to the East Coast – NYC to be exact. My husband got an incredible job, and I’m so beyond excited for him. Our families are both East Coast-based, so I’m thrilled to be closer to my parents, in-laws, siblings, and their growing families. That said, the move is bittersweet in that it’s difficult to translate many of the things I love so much about California to New York.

Marley is, for the moment, at “camp” in Davis. I’m hoping to provide him with the opportunity to finish coming back into work and chill out a bit, while providing me with the opportunity to figure out horse-y life in NYC. I feel so lucky that I know people at this new barn who can help keep eyes on Marley and make sure he continues to progress.

Moving forward I’ll be changing the focus of this blog slightly, from Marley-centric to the slightly broader “how the hell do you reconcile horses with living and working in a major metropolitan area?” I hope Marley continues to play a starring role, but I also anticipate there will be many things to share and process while I navigate yet another extremely expensive, traffic-filled city.

I’ll leave you with this picture of Marley becoming best friends with Eli, one of the horses in the CANTER program.  By all accounts he’s settling into his new routine well and I’m fairly confident that he believes he’s gone to horse heaven.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.01.24 PM

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