Visitor Day @ Camp

The past few weeks have been extremely busy between work and volunteer commitments and general life stuff, so I hadn’t been to see Marley since he shipped up to the North Bay in late January. I’d gotten regular reports and so knew he was doing fine, but was curious to see him firsthand.

I was of course interested to see how his maybe-injured leg was looking, but I was also curious as to whether he’d be stocked up at all. He’s had a tendency since I got him to stock up when stalled, and the last few days at our old barn his back legs were extremely puffy. Stocking up is generally harmless, but I take it as a sign that all is not completely happy with my guy so don’t love seeing it. At the new barn Marley has a good-sized stall plus a small paddock – extremely level and not so large that he can really run or do any damage, but enough that he definitely moves during the day.

Overall, I was really thrilled with how Marley looked. All 4 legs were tight and cool. He did throw a shoe – ah, winter mud – but we got an Easy Boot on quickly so hopefully we can get that back on sooner rather than later. It was very cold and extremely windy, so all of the horses were, shall we say, enthusiastic – but it was great to spend even a bit of time with him.

Grabbed one or two beauty shots just for fun. Here he is staring with great interest at a nearby carrot:


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